Sunday, 13 March 2011

Surprise gifts from a new friend

A while ago I was on eBay looking at retired SU sets to add to my ever growing stamp collection, there was an absolutely gorgeous set of Lilacs, that took my fancy, but I didn't win them.

Then a little while later I spotted them on a blog that I visit regularly Flower Sparkle owned by the very talented Ruth, (I know that if I ever need some inspiration I will get tons from there!) and to my surprise she had won the lilacs set and had made some beautiful creations with it.

I left her a comment straight away, and received an email from Ruth asking me if I would like a card made by her. Well of course I jumped at the chance! A card made by someone those blog I had admired for so long!

On Wednesday I came home to a 'while you were out' card from the post office and yesterday eagerly went down there to retrieve it. I was so excited, and couldn't even wait to get back to the car before I tore open the envelope, and WOW WOW WOW! That's all that could be heard for ages, and here is why

Not only a fabulous card, but a trio of wonderful gifts from Ruth! A card with decorated envelope, bookmark and a gift box.

Here's a closer look

 I love the colour combo, and it features my favourite things, glitter, ribbon and gems!!

I'd never thought of making bookmarks before but I will definitely be giving it a go. Again gorgeous sparkle with the added glitter and I HAVE to get some of those jumbo eyelets now.

And finally a fabulous little gift box......................

with a girls best friend inside...CHOCOLATE!! Yum Yum, haven't eaten it yet, but I can see a mid-afternoon cuppa with these chocs in my future.

I can't thank Ruth enough, she is truly wonderful. I'm glad that you won the stamps, you have done them justice.Thank you Ruth xx

Plaese check out Ruth's blog by clicking on the link at the top of this post.

Hope you are having a great weekend xx


Ruth M said...

Awwww, so glad you liked what I created for you - it was a total pleasure! Thank you so much for your kind comments Kelly, that's really sweet of you.

Has the choccy gone yet? I know what was left over didn't last long in my house LOL!

MargieP said...

Wow, fantastic gifts. Lucky you!

Pauline said...

What a lovely gift from Ruth, I too have been a long admirer of her blog - what a gorgous gift she sent you!