Friday, 18 March 2011


Hi there,

As you will know I like to post a couple of times a week if I can, this week however I don't know where the time has gone!

On Monday I did overtime at work, which literally took up the whole day, I started at 7.30am and finished work at 8pm, so when I got home I flopped onto the sofa and watched Glee before bed.
Went to work all day Tuesday, I had Wednesday off but don't ask me what I did with it. Is it just me? You start off the day with good intentions and before you know it it's bedtime and you're lucky if you've done one thing on your list!! Also had work yesterday morning then in the afternoon I was preparing myself for the weekend.

Today I'm off to my mum's house. Her and my step dad are off to Bournemouth for their ladies night, you may remember that I was making boxes for them for the gifts a while ago, if you would like to see click here.
Well time really flies because that weekend that seemed so far away when I was making the boxes has arrived! So I'll be staying at my mum's house to look after her doggie, Henry.

I think she'll think I'm moving in when she sees all the stuff I'm taking, I'm planning to get a little crafting in over the weekend, so I have prepared a box for of stamping supplies to take with me, a few supplies seems to have turned into half my craft room!!

So hopefully I'll be back Sunday afternoon with a card or two that I have put together while I'm away.

See you Sunday, Hugs xx

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