Saturday, 28 February 2015

A new blog!


Its been a while hasn't it, and a lot has happened since I lasted posted. I had a baby, who is now 2 years old!!! Where has all that time gone?? Please say that I'm not the only one who seemed to have slipped into a time warp.

I knew with a little one around I wouldn't have time to craft, not the way I used to do it anyway, I'd get lost for hours picking colour combos, and that was before I started choosing stamps lol. Anyway, I'm getting side tracked, I decided I couldn't look at all my lovely crafting goodies and not use them so I sold everything, except two 12x12 patterned papers that I couldn't part with.

Being a creative person I needed a new outlet to get stuck into that wouldn't take up to much time, could involve my daughter and would be (relatively) cheaper, which as you all know crafting definitely isn't!! So I started baking.

I've  always enjoyed cooking, so baking was the next step, and I thought why not blog again too. So here I am hoping that you may like to join me in the kitchen each week.

It's  still a work in progress but I'd love you to pop over and check it out.

Hope to see you soon

Kelly xx