Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Year's resolution - Craft room clearout!

Now I know you're probably looking at that title and thinking, it's a little late!
This year my resolution was to keep my desk/ craft space tidy so that I don't lose things or throw them away unintentionally.

It started off well, I tided the desk, put gems and ribbons and things that seem to work there way out from the boxes of their own back where they belonged, and the space was very zen-like.
As I used things I put them back to keep it tidy.

I went around a friends house this week and everything was so organised and tidy, everything had a place and there was no clutter what so ever, (very much unlike my house where you can't move without tripping over something!), and I guessed that storage must be the answer to the problem.

So off I go, out yesterday with storage on my to get list (normally I think, why buy storage when you can buy more ribbons that need to be stored somewhere instead) but I was on a mission. So i got 2 large plastic storage containers (with purple lids, so that they looked at least a little bit pretty) and a gorgeous white wicker basket with the prettiest purple gingham lining.

I got to work last night putting all the things on top of my little wicker drawers into the wicker basket, everything didn't fit! The basket I had bought was bigger than the 3 boxes I had everything balanced in, I don't understand, it must have multiplied as I was putting it all neatly in!

Then came the large gift bags that I have filled with things on the spare bed,  I start putting everything into the storage boxes, and I'm thinking to myself  'Can't remember buying that' and 'where did I get that from'.

So I've decided that there is nothing else for it, I'll have to sort it all out and be brutal and get rid of things that I bought because they were on sale, and I might used at some point. I now have 3 large collections of embellishments, ribbons, flock powder, stickers, chipboard, the list goes on that I'm selling on ebay.

Hopefully someone will like what they see and help me in my plea to get myself sorted out! In the meantime my spare room looks even more untidy than when I started!

Anyway, that's enough of my rambling, hopefully will be back later with a card to show you, if I ever see the top of my desk again.

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