Friday, 10 August 2012


Good morning all you crafty people out there,

Well we are all moved and most of the boxes are unpacked but my crafty stash is still mostly packed up waiting for me. My boyfriend has realised how my stash I have (he had to shift all the boxes!!) even I didn't realised I had this much and now he thinks I am completely crazy.......I had an idea this was the case already but I kinda have to agree with him looking at all the stash I seem to have collected!!

I have been given the conservatory as my new craft space, as my spare room will become a nursery in January, and I really don't know where to begin! Every time I go in to sort it out I end up leaving the room again with having done very much at all, if anything.

I decided to share a few pics with you after checking out Victoria's immaculate perfectly organised space, and feeling complete shame at my lack of motivation!!

There is so much stuff that I can't fit it all in one photo!!

The only bit I have really organised is the small area on the desk with my birthday book, a small purple box with a few SU! dies stashed inside, and some baby wipes. Not much to shout about.

Now, you maybe fooled into thinking that there is some organisation going on here I have lots of large plastic storage boxes, but the stuff in then was moved here like that and really everything needs to come out be sorted and then put back in boxes so that each box contains similar things instead of a mish-mash like they are at the moment!

I need help so if any crafty friends are free this weekend and would like to generously offer their time to my messy craft room cause let me know!


Victoria said...

You shouldn't feel shame - firstly everyone is different about how they like their space and I am a total control freak and perfectionist so I'd flip if my desk was a mess! And if you've just moved you are allowed to be in a state of chaos, you know!! If it seems a big task and you're struggling to get motivated, why not break it down into little stages? Stick on some cheerful music, choose something to start with and tackle it! You'll make more mess in the short term but bit by bit you'll get there! I'm afraid it's a long way from Lancaster to Hampshire, so I can't come help!

Sally Bowman said...

Good advice from Victoria, I think. Try telling yourself you only need to do one box each time;and it will help if you can have some idea of how you want it all organised in the end.

You might even find you enjoy looking at things as they come out of the boxes...I recently moved into a different craft room, and although that made me confront my stash head on (!!)I also found some things I'd forgotten I had.

Good luck with it. You'll get there in the end.

Sian Ridley said...

I'd love to come and help my darling, but I'm a little bit far away unfortunately! :) I'd love to have a rummage through and see what you've got! Ha ha!

If it makes you feel better, I've had to pack all my craft stuff back into boxes too because the other half has decided he is now going to plaster the entire house! Doh! I wish he'd hurry up so I can get it all back out again! I got so desperate yesterday that I nearly just sat on the floor and did it ;)

Once you get into it it won't take you long :) you just need to decide how you want everything laid out and then you'll be cooking on gas! I agree with Victoria-music on, head down :) it'll be therapeutic! xxx

Ruth M said...

Now you know I would love to come and have a nosy at your stash, erm, I mean, help you get organised in your crafty conservatory but.....sorry, I'm afraid I can't! In fact, I'm going to make matters worse - I found the swing cards and am going to send them on to you - they don't take up much space ; )

Doing a bit at a time is sound advice - good luck hun!
Ruth x